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[Vi8 Plus] [Dualboot/D2D3] Win10 Home x86 1809 October 2018 + latest Intel Graphic Driver

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Edited by xange at 10-4-2018 06:35
Windows 10 Home with relevant drivers and OEM's info embedded into the install image, download zip file here. <Warning, this install media is scripted to wipe the drive before install, backup your important files in the tablet before you proceed!!!>
Note 1: Microsoft had deceprated OEMInformation in unattend.xml, so I don't see the reason to keep those informations in that file anymore. I had squashed all the OEM modification into a single file "OEM config AIO.cmd", including OEM informations. If needed, run it with administrator.
Note 2: I went to examine the provisioning package, inside contains some junk files, and some of them are drivers such as Bosch accelerometer, outdated Intel Graphic Driver and so on, since I had exported the latest driver using my own tablet and embedded them into install image, thus there is no need to keep the provisioning package anymore, squeezed out some free space.
Note 3: I had checked the provided OEM Key, it is Win 10 Core[2nd picture], not Win 10 Core Single Language[3rd picture]. Core = Home.

After done installed Windows, I install some games and programs that I frequently use including MS Office 2019, with OneDrive done setup, I have 17.9GB space left as shown in screenshot below.

Capture4.JPG Capture.JPG Capture.JPG


Here is the updated graphic card driver for the tablet which you will most likely won't be able to obtain from anywhere else including microsoft update but Intel itself. This driver had already embedded into install image.


  • USB-C to USB 3.0 adapter (if you have a USB hub with USB-C connector then you don't need this adapter)
  • USB hub (2 port is sufficient)
  • USB flash storage A.K.A. Pendrive (4GB is sufficient, you will have 1GB extra space to put any installer inside such as VLC player, CCleaner, etc.)
  • Keyboard (mouse is not required, installation is automated, you don't need to input anything, touch screen is activated on Windows First Boot Setup)

  • if you are using "Run" to open command prompt, the combination "CTRL" + "SHIFT" + "ENTER" will open the program in Admin privilege.

Instruction for Windows 10 Home Automated Installation:
  • [Skip to instruction 3 if your pendrive has been converted into GPT] Open Command Prompt with admin privilege, type and execute the first 2 line. From the list, locate the disk which points to the pendrive that you are going to use. If it is not in GPT format (check the scenario below to confirm), then execute the last 3 command (replace the "X" here with that disk number pointing to the pendrive). Note that this operation will destroy all the data stored in the pendrive.
    1. diskpart
    2. list disk
    3. select disk X
    4. clean
    5. convert gpt
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  • After conversion is done, then enter the command below to format the pendrive. The formatting operation is done for now, close the command prompt and continue to instruction 4.
    1. create partition primary
    2. select part 1
    3. format fs=fat32 quick
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  • Format the pendrive with FAT32 file format, rename the pendrive into anything you like, it doesn't matter.
  • Extract all the files from "" and move them into the pendrive you just formatted.
  • Small little mistake left by me need to change, go to the root of the pendrive and open a file "autounattend.xml" with notepad++, scroll to the bottom and locate the <FullName> field, put any username you want or empty it, i forgot to remove my username before I compress a zip file to upload.
  • Skip this if you want to retain the automated installation with complete drive wiping. If you want to manually install the windows, you can remove the file "autounattend.xml" located at the root of the pendrive or customize it as you wish, if you know what you are doing. The "unattend.xml" file inside sources folder doesn't effect much on installation but it input certain hidden cosmetic informations into windows and execute 2 commands which I had already done it in the windows image through offline method so they are redundent, remove as you wish. If you removed the autounattend.xml, you will be prompt to input windows key during installation, you may skip it or use this generic key:
    1. YTMG3-N6DKC-DKB77-7M9GH-8HVX7 (it can't be used to activate the windows but the tablet has a PK marker and will automatically activate the windows with that marker when you connect to Internet)
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  • Your pendrive is now ready for use to format your tablet and installation is automated(If you did not remove "autounattend.xml"). Ready a USB-C to USB3.0 adapter and a USB hub, connect your keyboard and Pendrive into USB hub and then to the tablet. Power of your tablet. [IMPORTANT!!! BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE INSTALLATION, MAKE SURE YOUR TABLET IS CHARGED AT LEAST 70%, OR BETTER, FULLY CHARGED]
  • From switched off state, power on the tablet, wait until the charging LED goes out then spam F7 button until you see a boot menu, select the UEFI USB disk and then allow the magic handles everything else, sit back and have a cup of coffee or anything. REMEMBER TO UNPLUG THE PENDRIVE WHEN THE INSTALLATION IS DONE!!! (unplug when you see the Chuwi Logo and booting animation after installation is done and rebooted or else your tablet will reinstall the windows again)



Disk 0 and Disk 2 is in GPT format while Disk 1 is not in GPT (Disk 1 is in MBR format which doesn't support UEFI)

Special Instruction if you want to convert the install.esd to install.wim (I prefer esd format because the compression is much more space saving)


2.4GB in esd format vs 2.9GB in wim format (max compression)

  • run the following in command prompt or powershell for conversion (this will take up to an hour depends on your machine's spec):
    1. dism /export-image /sourceimagefile:[insert the path to the file here]\install.esd /sourceindex:1 /destinationimagefile:[insert your save location here]\install.wim /compress:[max or fast]
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  • compress max will take long time but produce smaller size install.wim, compress fast will be faster but produces larger installer.wim.

  • For SingleBoot and D4D6 V8+, try this at your own risk I can't provide any support on it as I don't own one.
  • If you want to use the install.esd downloaded from here or converted install.wim with WinPE, do as you wish, I won't integrate anything to works with WinPE as I had spent enough time to solve why recovery doesn't setup properly. Please, customize, edit, debug anything as you see fit. I'll supply the WinPE here since motobot's link doesn't work anymore.


Happy Installing~


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