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Fingerprint not working, very difficult to power on

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lunloon|Post time:10-26-2018 03:41:35 View:333|Reply:1

In device manager, the Biometric Devvices >> Goodix Fingerprint SPI Device is not working.
Device status says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (Code 43). Disabling it and reabling it does not work. Neither does a shutdown and startup.

What's the cause and how to solve this issue?

Also, it is very difficult to power on. I am always unable to power it on with a single press of the power button. I have to always press 3 short times and 1 long time before I can see the Chuwi startup screen.

What's the problem and how to solve?

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lunloon| Post time 10-26-2018 03:41:35 | Show all posts
Contacted CS and they sent me the driver for the fingerprint. Didn't solve the issue when installing, removing the device and reinstalling.

After some debugging myself I found that the type cover is interfering the fingerprint during startup. If i remove the corebook from the typecover when starting up the fingerprint works fine. Attaching it back to typecover and it will still work. But once after shutting down and wanting to start from typecover attached again, it will not work.

Have feedback to CS via email but till now no response or acknowledgement. So dunno if Chuwi is going to solve this issue or not. (My last email sent on 20 October 2018, last 2nd sent on 17 October 2018. All without any responses.)
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