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[Lapbook] Chuwi Lapbook SE 13.3

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darksider|Post time:9-29-2018 10:33:27 View:1320|Reply:2

Hello I want only ask you if is possible download drivers from somewhere for this laptop? or just need install windows 10 and drivers will be downloaded automatically?
because I want use dual boot LINUX AND WINDOWS
I need format both drives reinstall windows on 128 GB partiton and linux on emmc 32 GB is this possible? (-i have other original key for windows 10)
I tryed linux on live boot and worked verry good just dont want lose drivers from recovery partition thanks for your reply.

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manonegra222| Post time 9-27-2018 07:59:40 | Show all posts
Drivers for non-Intel devices will be needed in Windows after formatting and installing Windows.
Chuwi has not released the Lapbook SE drivers yet, but it's easy to extract them from your computer using the doubledriver free broadcast program.

You can also download them here: ... 14&fromuid=7714
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darksider| Post time 9-29-2018 10:33:27 | Show all posts
thank you bro than there is not problem if I format both drives on laptop because maybe for few weeks I upgrade ssd to 480 GB and linux is for me best option for surfing on internet
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