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Screen has cracked without dropping it!!

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Lighthouse2|Post time:10-1-2018 01:35:54 View:185|Reply:1

I have had my chuwi hi10 plus for less than a month and the screen has cracked without even dropping it. I am guessing by closing it with the keyboard at a normal speed since i closed it and the next morning the crack wa there. Now the touch does not work at all. I never drop it or anything, I do not understand how this happened. i got a year guarantee with the computer. Is any chuwi customer service either in Kuala lumpur, singapore or New york where I can take it and be replaced for free?

As well the keyboard has gone crazy. The number do not work properly number 2 opens microsoft edge or change of tab on chrome, number 5 opens search engine and 7 writes the date of today or just reload pages, which it is very unhelpfull when filling applications online or even just writing the passwords to log-in.... what is going on? Please help..... plus the mouse gets crazy and start opening and closing things any now and then.

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manonegra222| Post time 10-1-2018 01:35:54 | Show all posts
It is not necessary to fall down so that a slit can come out in the glass, just put some weight on it, hit it or lean on it while in a backpack. There have been cases similar to yours.
The guarantee is for malfunctioning and in your case is by an external agent so the warranty does not include the catalyst. You can buy the spare and place it yourself. We have a video that explains it perfectly:

As for the keyboard issue, the first thing you should find out if the problem is the tablet, the keyboard, or the system, so you should try on Android and Windows to see if you have the same problem. If you only do it in Windows, it is clearly software and you should check if you do not have a program that is causing conflicts or a virus or rot that generates that malfunction.

Whether it is Windows or Android, you can solve it by doing a restoration.
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