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Chromium OS for Lapbook SE

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Chromium OS for Lapbook SE

This is a release candidate and the final release will be more polished and with a working built-in installer.

Chromium OS 68 Image:

Installation:Depending on the destination device, you may have to follow different installation guides

- Internal SSD (for permanent installation): in order to avoid issues, you need Linux, so choose your preferred distro and boot it (a live USB is fine, you don't need to install it). Then follow this video guide:
- USB Devices (HDD/SSD/Flash Drives, for portable installation also known as Live USB, 16GB minimum): you can use both Windows and Linux. For Windows, just download Rufus (, choose your USBdevice, tick DD mode (instead of ISO) and proceed. For Linux, the video guide linked for the Internal SSD installation can be followed.

Know bugs:

- Unavailable tap to click (the hardware click button works fine though)
- Broken Chromium OS Installer (disabled to avoid complains)

- Question: I can't find the Play Store as seen on Chromebooks, where is it?
- Answer: You won't find it until Google decides to make this feature available to the public.

- Question: The Laptop is stuttering and stops responding for a while, please help.
- Answer: It means that your External USB Device is painfully slow and have to consider to get a faster USB 3.0 device to avoid this.

- Question: Is the current image source-built? If yes, where is the kernel source as requested by GPL?
- Answer: No, the current release candidate build is based on another already built image thus i have no source code for it. I am waiting for the public source release in fix all remaining issues plus make the source codeavailable.

Pay attention to:

All of the above are come from: ... 7591282&postcount=1
and it's only suitable for Lapbook SE 4GB RAM+32GB Emmc+128GB SSD version


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