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Chuwi Hi8 Pro Can't use

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Successplanet|Post time:11-9-2018 01:13:38 View:149|Reply:2

Hi all,
I got a chuwi hi8 which can't be turned on. Hopefully someone can guide/help me to get the tablet working.

Problem faced.
When turned on, the screen can be turned on but no Chuwi logo or even selection of dual boot.
Tried hardset but nothing happen
Tried DNX FASTBOOT MOOE but can't even access it by pressing the required button
Strangely when connected to PC via USB cable, i seem to be able to access the chuwi Hi8 drive

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Beckler| Post time 11-6-2018 06:55:21 | Show all posts
Charge it for a few hours & see what happens.  Also there is a sticky thread above with some answers that may help.
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Successplanet| Post time 11-9-2018 01:13:38 | Show all posts
tried charging the tablet till the light is not blinking but still doesn't work.
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