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CHUWI HI9 PRO Bluetooth problems

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gilmarrj1|Post time:1-16-2019 12:43:41 View:396|Reply:2

My chuwi hi9 pro came with problems on bluetooth connection
When I execute a misica inter I go via spotify the same one
is chopping the music as if it were loading the buffer and
the music performs by chopping ..Can someone help me ?
The tablet has a week of use and there is nothing installed besides a few music.


Use magic Report| Post time 10-25-2018 10:18:12 | Show all posts
Describe the situation a little more.
Do you have a SIM card?
Do you have active WIFI when that problem arises?
Have you checked if you have system updates pending installation?
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jjstreic| Post time 1-16-2019 12:43:41 | Show all posts
If you are using 2.4 G WiFi, try switching to 5G and see if that fixes the issue.  it could be that Bluetooth and WiFi are sharing the same antenna and switching the WiFi band uses the 5G antenna solving the issue.
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