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EU-Market Warranty Policy by Chuwi

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EU-Customer|Post time:11-5-2018 05:39:14 View:160|Reply:0

Dear Chuwi-Team,

I wanted to suggest a change in your maintenance/warranty policy for EU countries.
For me as a EU citizen it is quite complicated to ship packages to China for maintenance. Im not used to customs, since we dont have any of them within the EU. Therefore the whole process of sending a package to China is annoying and complicated for me. And i believe that most of my common citizens and potential buyers have the same feelings. Since I still like the idea of producing good looking but not overpriced laptops/tablets/... I want to suggest another process:
You could designate a specific reseller, or hire a part-time working student (e.g. really common in Germany, the cost of work for working students isn´t too high either) or have any other person within the EU which is responsible for the maintenance service. The EU-Customers need to send their products to his/her adress within the EU, therefore avoiding the to us complicated process and the risk of wrong customs declarations, which are more work for everyone and leed to resignation. The designated maintenance reseller within the EU ships the packages to China himself and makes the customs declaration.
If necessary you can charge the cost for this, altough even this wouldn´t be standard in the EU. But I think it would be ok for Chuwi, since the products are in the low-cost segment as well. At least I would definitely prefer to pay a small fee, than sending a (possilby wrong declared) packages directly to China.
Besides the warranty process would be way faster, since theres no need to ask for every specific detail about the postal service and custom regulations, which kind of annoyed me. I think this process would help Chuwi to have more satisfied consuments in the EU and will help to longterm sucess.
Hopefully I was able to open the eyes of the Chuwi-Team for a problem (or lets call it difference in business culture) they weren´t aware of!

Best regards

A customer from the EU

P.S.: A Perfection of your maintenance service would include, that you have staff, which is able to speak the main languages of the EU (e.g. English, German, French, Spanish, Italian). I believe that it is a necessity to hire such staff if Chuwi wants to attract more customers in the EU and satisfy them in the long-run.


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