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buying Surbok mini

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jbfnano|Post time:12-5-2018 07:28:27 View:180|Reply:1

Hi to everyone,

I'm thinking in buyig surbook mini 2 in 1, but before doing it, I´d like to know opinions and experiences with it.

I have being searching through the forum and have seeing that it had problems with the touch screen are those problems still present?

Is there any type-c adapter that works good for HDMI use?

Thank you in advance

Use magic Report| Post time 12-5-2018 07:28:27 | Show all posts
Chuwi provided a driver for the tablets where some sensitivity of the screen fails, I guess that in the last units that leave the factory should not have these problems that I saw some users comment, anyway it is not a general problem, apparently it was only in some units.

You can use a USB C to HDMI adapter to take the image to a monitor. You can see in this thread a USB C Hub by taking the picture by HDMI on the Surbook 12.3.

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