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Chuwi h10 starting problem

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pandatrendy|Post time:11-9-2018 00:22:05 View:180|Reply:1

Hi, I need an hand with my H10 pro. I have problems on power up, the screen never turns on the first try, I have to try and try again, turn it off and turn it on before the screen turns on and can see something. at startup the screen blinks briefly, the operating system loads and starts, I can hear the sounds and the leds of the keyboard light up, but no screen, the battery is charged correctly, also because it is relatively new. I tried to update everything I could, to change the bot options but nothing, it's like he needs to get warm to light up. Some idea?

Use magic Report| Post time 11-9-2018 00:22:05 | Show all posts
It seems that some Windows update has modified some of the graphics. In Android does the same thing happen to you?
You can try to connect the tablet by HDMI cable to a monitor or TV, to see if this way you have access to the actual image of the Tablet and modify the screen graph settings.
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