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WiFi improvement

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Hello all;

It has been a long time since I visited these forums or posted.  I have had my Chuwi Hi12 for almost 2 years, and it is still heavily used every day.

Yes, it has some quirks, and occasionally needs a reboot or has an irratating habit like having to re-pair a BT device, but over all, it has been an excellent value, and it has served me better than I expected.  I would bet that overall, over the years, a MS Surface or Samsung device costing 5 times as much would not have been any better.  I absoulutely would buy another Chuwi device.  The only problem is that I do not need a new device, and I many not for another 2 years.

I did, however have to open my Chuwi Hi12 for the first time a few days ago.  With all the use, and with frequently switching between charging it at my desk and carrying it with me, I wore out the Micro USB port.

I replaced it, and while I had it apart, I cut out some of the metal case in the area of the WiFi antenna.

It may not be pretty, but it has improved the WiFi noticeably.  In one place I frequently use WiFi, the network is miss configured, and not particularly strong.  There are 2 networks with the same name, but different authentication protocols.  This is a network no-no.  With the addition that it was not particularly strong, the Chuwi often took many tries to connect.

Since I did the above modification, the tablet is almost always connected when I need it to be, or it connects within a few seconds.

I initially used a Dremel grinding bit, but found that a saw blade worked better.  I then hand filed it to be a little smoother.  Some additional filing/sanding would make it feel and look better.  With the Chuwi in the offical folding case, the modification is not visible.

I have 1 more new microUSB connector in my parts bin, so I guess I am good for 4 years of continued use .


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manonegra222| Post time 11-9-2018 12:08:58 | Show all posts
Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. Very clever cutting of the back case and, as you say, with the cover on, it is not visible. Also you can always cover it with metallic colored adhesive tape.
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Use magic Report| Post time 11-15-2018 06:00:32 | Show all posts
I wouldn't recommend covering it with any tape that may actually contain metal. I realize that there are metalic-looking plastic tapes, but I just wanted to be clear for anyone who may be reading this.

If I covered it with tape, I would propbably use Kapton tape.  It is stong, and durable, but thin, and should be tansparent to RF.

It could also be filled, and sanded to shape with epoxy or other 2-part resin.  Again, make sure it does not contain metal (Such as regular JB weld, which does contain steel.  There are versions of JB weld that do not contain metal.)  Mix, apply, wait for it to harden, and then carefully sand to match the shape of the curve of the edge of the tablet.
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Use magic Report| Post time 11-15-2018 06:28:53 | Show all posts
In addition to the modification above, I've made something for my Chuwi Hi12 that I should have made years ago.

This time it is not a modification to the tablet, but rather I have made my own super heavy duty charging cable.

It is a high-current USB charge only cable made from 18ga wire.  It is 2 conductors only (no data wires).

With this cable, most high-current chargers (including the euro plug charger that came with my Chuwi Hi-12) will charge at at least 2A.

There are other benifits to the cable as well.  With no data lines, no one can steal data or infect your tablet via public or unknown charger ports.

Warning:  This cable has the data lines shorted together at the tablet (micro USB) side.  This causes the Chuwi to think that *any* charger or USB port is a high-power charger, and it will attempt to charge at full current no matter the source.  While most USB sockets are "smart", and will self-limit current, using this cable could possibly damage the USB port of some computers/laptops, and could cause some cheap or poor quality USB chargers to over heat, with possibly dangerous results.

If you don't want to make your own, there are similar high current charge only cables available through most of the regular retail outlets like banggood or deal extreme, etc.

As I type this, my tablet is charging at 1.6A from the Chuwi Charger.  With a regular, woven cover (supposedly good quality) USB cable and the same charger, it would not charge at more than about 0.7A.

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Use magic Report| Post time 11-16-2018 06:48:37 | Show all posts
BTW, I should add to the first post in this thread that my Chuwi Hi12 is running the stock Chuwi Android firmware, and it is formatted for all of the flash dedicated to Android. (no Windows.)
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