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Broke android side, Want it back

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pat277|Post time:12-5-2018 07:14:39 View:194|Reply:1

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(newer of the Chuwi Hi-12 models)

Long story short, in an attempt to install ubuntu (success), it broke booting to Android. Instead of only fixing android and removing ubuntu, There are two things I would want to do android-side if possible.
I want to either get Android 7.0 (specifically, nothing above or below) working, or any version of android 5.0 or above with root permissions, because all apps I use, need either of these to work. Even if I have to use custom roms or not use any google apps & play store, thats fine.

Even if I have to sacrifice a feature to get android working again, I am willing to do so, as long as its not Windows OS, Touchscreen, Wifi, or atleast one way to get audio either through the port or a USB to Audio out. In terms of things I am willing to sacrifice: using the USB-Micro for data, the USB's or audio port [not both], Video-out, Chuwi Hi12 Keyboard attachment and Bluetooth (all of these while in android).

This is my first post, so sorry if it isn't formatted correctly or something :/

Also, as a Sidenote, is it me or does Windows & Androids minimum brightness differ greatly compared to Linux distro's for the Chuwi Hi12?


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You can reinstall the operating systems to have everything as in the beginning, for that look at the software thread that corresponds with the Hi12 and ask in the links of the files for the serial number of your Tablet.
Android 7 is not possible.
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