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Keyboard Dock sharing

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karls12|Post time:11-11-2018 23:46:19 View:168|Reply:2


I got a guestion for sharing the keyboard dock for HI10 Pro and HI10 Plus.

Nowadays it's difficult to find the HI10 Plus keyboard dock product. I found the second hand market for HI10 Pro. Is it possible to use HI10 Pro keyboard dock for HI10 Plus tablet?

Thank you in advance for your answer.


Use magic Report| Post time 11-11-2018 23:41:03 | Show all posts
Possible yes that is. But it is not recommendable, the Tablet will be more unprotected, since the dimensions of the Tablet and the contact area between the Tablet and several keyboard are different, so there is a risk that it could cause damage to the screen when downloading the Tablet. with keyboard.
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Use magic Report| Post time 11-11-2018 23:46:19 | Show all posts
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The first thing you should look at if any online store in your country sells the keyboard.

I found this keyboard for Hi10 Plus on eBay, but the truth is that its price is somewhat high. ... aG1bpfgv:rk:14:pf:0
You always have the option of using the keyboard keyboard. Of this if stock is found by different stores and it comes out cheaper.
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