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Surbook hipen h3

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Doc1993|Post time:11-16-2018 01:57:09 View:216|Reply:2

Recently purchased chuwi surbook. Initially there was available issue with touch screen and it solved after installing driver update. I also purchased hipen h3 and keyboard cover. It's Of no use!! Atleast they must release driver update for the pen and keyboard, especially the track pad is glitchy. Clear cut needs driver updates, wake up chuwi don't fool your customers, provide support. Don't ask for proof you have your surbook with you right just write with pen and write with touch screen, eventhough pen support pressure sensitivity its
Of no use, writing with the pen is a shame writing with touch screen is better. I was wondering you just introduced pen support to sell it, because the pen is of no use.

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manonegra222| Post time 11-14-2018 14:53:41 | Show all posts
I have a Chuwi SurBook for more than a year and I can not agree with your comments. Maybe your pencil is defective, but I can tell you that mine, and that of the vast majority of users, works correctly. You can watch YouTube videos of drawings on the Hipen H3 on the screen of the SurBook using their pressure levels.

As for the keyboard, the trackpad is quite sensitive and also a simple touch on it while it is written causes the cursor to be located at the point of the text where the mouse pointer is located. To avoid this while writing, you can disable the trackpad by pressing the Fn key and the space bar; The second green light on the keyboard will light up and when it is finished, you can activate it again by pressing the same keys again.

You should also bear in mind that the trackpad supports the gestures of Windows 10 that, if you do not know, you can consult in the Windows 10 search engine and if they are not of your use you can deactivate in the Windows configuration,
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Doc1993| Post time 11-16-2018 01:57:09 | Show all posts
manonegra222 replied at 11-14-2018 14:53
I have a Chuwi SurBook for more than a year and I can not agree with your comments. Maybe your penci ...

thank you but there is no way of disabling gestures and regarding pen i have not tried with another pen but pressure sensitivity is not the problem but the pen has isssues in writing legibly and why no firmware update is being released for this 500 usd tablet
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