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Problems with WiFi that keeps disappearing

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gmanikumar|Post time:12-9-2018 23:29:46 View:292|Reply:2

Edited by emily at 12-9-2018 23:22

Hi all,
Recently, I started to encounter two issues with the corebook. I generally have 3 bluetooth devices (headset, mouse and phone - phone acts as the built in mic) connected to the corebook.

1. Whenever I use video calls, the connectivity drops after every 5-10 mins. I see a red 'X' sign in the bottom right. When I check my network adapters in control pannel, the WiFi adapter disappears from there. I am able to fix this by turning on 'Airplane mode' and turning it off again. But this keeps happening again and again. I gave up that call and ended up using my phone for the video call and it worked fine. I tried rebooting the corebook, but that did not help with the issue. Any ideas on how I might be able to fix this issue?

2. My corebook's mic is not loud and encounters too much background noise for it to be usable. At one point, my audio drivers vanished for some reason, so I had to reinstall them. I did not check how the mic was working prior to the audio drivers vanishing. The headphones work well and so do the speakers. Any ideas on the mic usability and why it's essentially unusable because of the background noise?

Use magic Report| Post time 12-5-2018 07:48:19 | Show all posts
You can influence the loss of wifi signal by having too many bluetooth devices connected to the computer.
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emily| Post time 12-9-2018 23:29:46 | Show all posts

For the Wifi keeps disappearing issues and the audio drivers vanished issues, you can fix it by flashing the system

Have a good day  
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