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sd card problem

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batlamyos|Post time:12-7-2018 07:30:29 View:476|Reply:2

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Is there any solution to the sd card problem?
2 years ago I bought chuwi hi8pro. My sd card was detected at first. But then the SD card disappeared. I can't use my hi8pro tablet fully. 32 gb memory is not enough. I can't keep my files because the SD card is not recognized. I could not find a solution to this problem on the chuwi website.
I think chuwi should make an explanation. the tablets we have produced should have the problem of reading the sd card. and make a statement showing the solution.
or apologize to customers.

Use magic Report| Post time 12-2-2018 08:11:31 | Show all posts
Test if this solution shared by a forum user is useful for you
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marble| Post time 12-7-2018 07:30:29 | Show all posts
Does NOT WORK for me
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