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Questions/Doubts about HI10 Plus

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fje|Post time:12-3-2018 23:29:09 View:248|Reply:2

Edited by fje at 12-3-2018 10:18

Hi, I am a newbie here and in the Chuwi world and before I decide to buy HI10 Plus, I would have answers for some questions I was not able to find answers in my search in the forum.
1.- Working in Windows, if I put a TF/SD card of 128Gb, are this new storage treated as an extension of the internal 64Gb, that is, doing a bigger "C: disk" or has it to be treated as a new disk/partition, let say, disk D:?
2.- In the case that it has to be treated as disk D:, will I be able to install windows applications on it as I do today in my laptop defining a "P:" partition and a "P:/Program Files" Directory for installing additional programs?
3.- If I reformat the external storage in two partitions, could I use one for Windows as in my question 2.- and the other one for extension of the Android system?
4.- In the case I use part of the external storage for Android, can I use it for installing Android apps or it is only useable for data files?
5.- Coming back again to Windows. If I make a bootable SD card or a USB pendrive (windows XP, for instance), could I boot the tablet from that USB device, as I can do now in my laptop (the motherboard BIOS allows for it). It can be very useful for running/executing old applications/programs 16bit that are not able to execute in Windows 64bits.
Thanks a lot for your help.
Kind regards.

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manonegra222| Post time 12-3-2018 10:37:29 | Show all posts
1. Exactly as on a PC, a new unit will be renamed by Windows with a new letter, and will behave as such, that is, as an external storage.
2. It is a feature of Windows to be able to install app in storage units other than the C disk and therefore you can do it.
3. You can partition the SD card and use each of the partitions for a system, what I do advise is that the partition destined for Android does not exceed 32 GB and that you format it in FAT32. The other partition in NTFS with the rest of the SD card capacity.
4. It is a limitation of the version of Android installed in the Hi10 Plus, so you can only use the Android partition as storage of data, photos or multimedia and you can not pass apps to it.
5. Yes, it is possible to boot from a bootable pen with another system, but you will not be able to modify the boot order in the Bios. You will have to start with the pendrive inserted and pressing F7 intermittently to obtain the boot selection menu.
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fje| Post time 12-3-2018 23:29:09 | Show all posts
Hi, thanks so much for your answers… It confirms what I was wondering and most probably I will try to get a HI10 Plus.....


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