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How to replace Fn+F1-F10 to just F1-F10 as on all usuall devices.

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tlittle|Post time:12-26-2018 23:59:30 View:73|Reply:2

The question which is asked on different forums time to time.
By default when you press keys F1-F10 - Surbook does absolutely useless things like swithhing off sound etc. All normal devices have an ability to change their behavior - to use F1-F10 with Fn key or without Fn-key.

So, is there any ability to contact to Surbook development and support team and  kindly ask them to create new BIOS or may be windows uttility, which allows us to use our device in good way? Pressing Fn+Alt+F4 to close windows very and very annoying.

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emily| Post time 12-26-2018 21:45:21 | Show all posts
Sorry, this is the keyboard setting and you can't change.
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tlittle| Post time 12-26-2018 23:59:30 | Show all posts
Definitely, I can't.
But developers who created BIOS software can change it, can add corresponding option in BIOS. So how can we ask them to add such a functionality to our device except this forum?
Or it is hardware limitation of our keyb? Seems very strange as far as keyboard should send just a keykodes...
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