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Chuwi Hi12 keyboard partial problem

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panian|Post time:1-9-2019 01:07:53 View:35|Reply:0

Hello to you all...
I have been a proud user of the Hi12 for a year now and since then i have been using the tablet along with the original keyboard.
Lately (1 month now) i see that my keyboard is possessed by various daemons!!!!
1. windows key is being pressed without my finger assistance
2. letter 'a' appears in most words without my finger to press that key and sometimes it stays pressed having as a result 'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...'
3. right click and sometimes the cursor moves in various positions without me touching the pad or mouse

The on screen keyboard works perfectly without any problem therefore i think it is a hardware and not software problem.

Does anyone has any idea or same problem?

Any solutions available?

Thank you

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