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Issues with Hi9 Plus keyboard

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nubar|Post time:2-19-2019 03:13:28 View:703|Reply:2

Sine receiving my Hi9 Plus at the beginning of December, i have been repeatedly struck by how unfinished the tablet feels - like ChuWi was in such a rush to get the product launched that they left a few features half finished. Examples include the stylus, chromecast mirroring, and the topic i want to discuss here: the keyboard.

In terms of hardware look and feel, the keyboard is pretty decent. When folded and closed it looks a little bulky, but no more than the equivalent ipad keyboard cover.

I have complaints however regarding the software integration of this keyboard with the android implementation that ChuWi is using here.

1) There is no search button. If you open the physical keyboard settings screen you will see a keyboard assistance section with a link to 'keyboard shortcuts helper'. Opening this displays a window listing all the keyboard shortcuts. Almost all of them are a combination of search-key plus some other key. There is no search key. Thinking that ChuWi might have just forgotten to print the search symbol on a key, I tried all of the options at the bottom : Ctrl, fn, Alt, Lang. None of them worked. Which raises the question: what are they there for? Ctrl seems to have some function, and alt-tab does some things - but what are fn and lang for? Can we remap some other key to be the search key?

2) How can I set custom key combos? is there a recommended app for this?

3) Keyboard occasionally stops working and requires a restart. I'm not sure how and why. Sometimes it happens after charging. Sometimes if happens after sleep. Sometimes it happens when I remove the keyboard and reconnect it. I cant narrow down the specific trigger, but it happens and it shouldn't.

Is ChuWi aware of these issues? Are they being addressed? When can we expect a resolution?


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indy| Post time 1-24-2019 18:44:25 | Show all posts
I am having exact same issue.   hope it will be fixed in an update.  
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RJO| Post time 2-19-2019 03:13:28 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I am having the same issue with the keyboard. I asked the person that gave me invoce and he recommend doing firmware flash, but i haven't found any software to flash it (sp flash stated that scatter file incorrect).  Here is the link to the firmware
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