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Hi10 Q64Q42161203649 booting problem

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t.nawar|Post time:1-27-2019 09:04:57 View:248|Reply:0

Hello guys,

I have Hi10 with the serial number  Q64Q42161203649, with intel z8300 processor and dualboot,
when i try to reinstall windows form a link given from the admin, the WINPE start , but always stuck at some point, never complete the procedure till the end.

and when reinstalling android , the process complete  with but the file frmware.bin can't be flashed, but anyway the flash complete and the device boot then stuck on bootloop , sometimes i reach the splash screen, sometimes the android is loaded but just for few seconds then the devices restarts.
Can any one help with this issue?

i'm attaching the error Message for android flashing

"/Users/Desktop/Android/firmware.bin"` command
01/27/19 14:41:56.331  WARNING: [Port 2] Command `"/Applications/Platform Flash Tool" "-s" "EMMC9361BCE5" "flash" "fw_stage2_osdnx" "/Users/nawaraltarazi/Desktop/Android/firmware.bin"` failed
01/27/19 14:41:56.332  INFO   : [Port 2] Retrying `"/Applications/Platform Flash Tool" "-s" "EMMC9361BCE5" "flash" "fw_stage2_osdnx" "/Users/nawaraltarazi/Desktop/Android/firmware.bin"` command
01/27/19 14:41:56.457  WARNING: [Port 2] Command `"/Applications/Platform Flash Tool" "-s" "EMMC9361BCE5" "flash" "fw_stage2_osdnx" "/Users/nawaraltarazi/Desktop/Android/firmware.bin"` failed

Thank you in advance


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