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Chuwi Corebook Keyboard Questions

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timhoang99|Post time:2-26-2019 09:01:58 View:336|Reply:2

Hi guys,

New member here and I have a couple questions regarding about the Chuwi Corebook, mostly around the keyboard. It’s the first Chinese tablet that I ever bought so I’m still somewhat unfamiliar with it.

Regarding about the keyboard. Is it supposed to be turned off whenever I flip it around (360 degrees) with it still being connected to the tablet? I tried out some other big brands tablets and 2-in-1 laptops in store and most of them have that feature whereas I can use tablet without worrying about pressing the buttons. Mine can’t do it. Is my tablet missing something that I can fix? Perhaps updating bios and drivers, etc.?

If not, then I would like to consider other keyboard for my tablet. I think maybe the Chuwi Hi13 keyboard would be doable, considering its close dimension and same number magnets on the dock? It is also backlit and I can flip the tablet around without worrying about  pressing buttons as well.

Hope I will get your replies soon. And thank you for reading this post!


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manonegra222| Post time 2-25-2019 14:56:31 | Show all posts
The keyboard of the CoreBook is unique for that model and other models will not be compatible.
You should not touch the bios since the existing one is the same as you have and it is a brick risk operation.
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timhoang99| Post time 2-26-2019 09:01:58 | Show all posts
I see, thanks for the reply. So I guess the only way that I can use that I can use the tablet without worrying about the keyboard is to disconnect it then :/ Hope Chuwi will somehow add this feature soon in the future, it would make the tablet more efficient imo.
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