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Complete reset on the double boot 10 plus tablet

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RossDorn|Post time:3-12-2019 23:32:55 View:130|Reply:3

Edited by RossDorn at 3-11-2019 19:34

I need to reset my Chuwi 10 plus. I want everything wiped that was not on the factory built version.

With Android that should work as usual, but how do I do a complete reset on the Win10 OS? I saw a few threads where people had problems....


Use magic Report| Post time 3-11-2019 23:53:31 | Show all posts
-An option is flashing Windows again with the official files.
Just do step III reinstall Windows:
You will need to use the Windows file corresponding to the serial number of your Tablet.

-Other option would be installing Windows through an external USB that was previously created with the help of Microsoft installation media. In this process it would be to select the personal files and the applications to be deleted in the installation.
Once the USB is ready, turn on the tablet with the charger always connected until the process is finished. Connect the USB, open the file browser, USB, execute the file "Setup" so that the Windows installation starts, confirm deletes documents and personal applications.

-As a last option for being the one that takes more time, it is from the Windows settings to reset the Tablet to factory values. As you say lately this process gives error once the process is finished, it does not happen to everyone, but many users ask for a password that nobody knows.

These processes are always done with the charger connected to the Tablet.

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RossDorn| Post time 3-12-2019 14:17:53 | Show all posts
Thank you good info.
Yes, I read abouit the reset problems and confirms my own very sad experience with this piece of garbage. No wonder thy have stopped producing it, but that alos does not return my $200... It is a bit of an insult the way Chuwi treats its paying customers

I do not know if I should trust the procedure... are there any notices that the flashing can also cause nothing but trouble?

Thanks again
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Use magic Report| Post time 3-12-2019 23:32:55 | Show all posts
RossDorn replied at 3-12-2019 23:17
Thank you good info.
Yes, I read abouit the reset problems and confirms my own very sad experience  ...

Hello RossDorn,
I do not understand your situation very well. You ask how to reset the Tablet, it is perfect, yesterday you will be suggested several options on how to do this process.

If a problem occurs at the start of the session after resetting the tablet, it has to be claimed by Windows, Chuwi has nothing to do with it, it is the Windows operating system that for some reason does not ask a user after Reset the Tablet. Nobody assures you that the same will happen to you.
You can see here - here - here several examples of other users with problems that have nothing to do with Chuwi.

You do not explain what your problem is. But if you think you have a problem with Windows, you can flash Windows again with the official files, or create an installation USB with the help of Media Creation Tool.You can also detail what your exact problem is to see if you can apply another solution.

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