Aerobook Pro windows 11 drivers where to download

AeBook P256G20090825
Gigahertz SM north manila
my laptop OS is not working my laptop is in a loop of restartin, im trying to reinstall a new OS (windows 11) but i cant download the drivers for my Aerobook pro on chuwi website it says the website has a problem and i should just contact a local retailers. can you send me where can i download the drivers i need so i can proceed to reinstall new OS. thanks

We did not update to Drivers for Win11.I could give you WIn 10
Can you please confirm me is P256G20090825 and not P256G2090825? Because the SN you gave me i think its wrong.

yes it is Aebook P256G20090825 it’s what it says at the back of my laptop. I just updated my OS and found out that it is not the issue. the real issue is my Aero book pro will not turn on unless you are holding FN Key while powering it up and the second you let go of the key the screen goes black and it shuts down. I don’t know what’s going on please help

I asnwerred you that it needs to be repaired.
I send you the firmware in case you want to take it to a local shop in your city.
We only have Win 10:

2.Only win10 system, no Win11



Installation Instructions

driver Driver installation tutorial


hi support team,
this firmware can use to Aebook P256G20094789 ?

Yes this software is for these batches

AeBook P256G2090001- AeBook P256G2093000

AeBook P256G2093001- AeBook P256G2095000