Android 9 Pie for MTK X2* devices

Chuwi informed his customers that all his devices with Mediatek Helio X2 * processors would be receiving Android 9 Pie this year.

This information was based on Mediatek’s promise to update its processors to the new system. Mediatek has stopped providing additional software support to the X2 * series processors, which means there will not be an official GMS Android Pie update for any X2 * chipset tablet from any manufacturer.

From Chuwi we are trying to work with developers in the XDA forum to get a third-party Android Pie ROM (without GMS certification) for our Helio X20 devices.
We cannot guarantee that this will come to fruition, but we will try it with all our resources.

We are sorry for the expectations created, but it is an issue that does not depend on Chuwi.

There are already some LineageOS projects on XDA which have had some success in porting to some Chuwi products. I’m willing to flash some test builds if needed :grinning:

As an aside. There is no excuse for not providing security updates to current builds. This should be the priority.


You need to understand 1 important issue. If you refuse to update with security patches, we may never buy another Chuwi product again.


Of course this will serve as a lesson when choosing the processors of our devices

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But you can still provide security updates to Android 8, yet your devices ship with a version which is 1 year behind on security. Not good either!


For me as mistake to buy a Chuwi product. Chuwi makes “fire and forget” prducts. I had the same with Elephone. You buy it and thats it. No updates, no aftersales.
It’s a shame that they won’t provide security patches.

My last Chuwi and my last Mediatek


Agree with the comment above. Chuwi sells a cheap product with good hardware but this comes with the price that a year later your OS is out of date and unsecure. Bought this instead of a Xiaomi because of the promise of updates (especially the android pie update). Well there where 2 updates so they didn’t lie but it is already silent for 8 months or so. I wish I bought the Xiaomi. Also my last chuwi and wouldn’t recommend this brand to anybody.

What is your promise worth? Where can i send my tablet and get my money back?


1st. Delete ”Gamingng Tablet” text for all product.

2nd. Write this text ”Our product never update the Android OS.” for all products.

solve all issues!!


Good morning, the year is about to end and I would like to know if there is any news about the update to android 9.
Thank you

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No, I have no news. I don’t know if Android 9 has been developed for Mediatek X2 processors *
Mediatek has introduced a new processor from another series with Android 9

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What about the rest of us, are we going to be neglected?