BIOS chip in Hi10X?

An attempt to update the BIOS has rendered my Hi10X unusable. It does not boot. Not even enough to access BIOS setup.

Therefore I decided to reflash the BIOS with a CH431a programmer. Can anybody tell which chip on the board is the BIOS one? Or point to any resources?

(I contacted Chuwi Service but they don’t want to help.)

We are on holidays now, so i cannot ask tech guys, if no other person answer before 18th, i will keep this and ask them when we come back.

The Bios is this black one on the upper left corner

Yes, I managed to find out myself because I couldn’t wait on official service.

It’s an XMC chip. It can be flashed with a ch341a USB programmer.

Leaving this info here because people cant rely on Chuwi service. It could be useful for others.

The EC chip - be careful with thay. Reflashing it is much more difficult.

It just coincided we were on Holidays i normally answer here the same day, or next day if i need to ask tech department.
I also checked the email you wrote on 5th, and it was about the Hi Pen because you could not use it. Not the Bios related. And my colleague answered you on 10th, that means even on holidays. We try our best to offer assistance even when customers touch the Bios when its not recommended at all and even when products are out of warranty. We still normally answer back.
Anyway ,I appreciate for giving this solution, i am sure next person who read it, will be grateful for you if they have the same problem.