Broken smd components marking code

Hi guys, a have a tablet chuwi hi10 pro. On motherboard i found two broken smd components sot23-5
One of them is 4601 and I found that is ws4601 WS4601 datasheet

I have problem with the second one. Marking code is CP7T but i dont know what it could be.
Does anyone know what is this ?

I had the same thing. Just replace the ws4601 and remove cp7t smd thing. It is something reverse protection or idk. The tablet works without it.
I asked the chuwi support, i’m waiting for their answer.

I don’t dare to reinstall my hi10pro because of this again.

Maybe the big guys can help us out on this forum.

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cp7t smd

CP7 = SOT-23-5 XC9235G17CMR-G TorexStep-down converter 1.7V ±2%, 600mA, 1.2MHz, Vin>1.8V, HSST, CL

LM3671/-Q1 2-MHz, 600-mA Step-Down DC-DC Converter

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HI10 plus CW1527 Black screen, no charging light non c’è alimentazione 1.7v dovuta al guasto del chip CP7, da verificare perchè si è guastato, condensatori della linea in corto, Io sono ancora in attesa del componente cp7 introvabile !