Can I install only android on Chuwi HI10 Model CWI515?


Some years ago I bought this tablet and everywhere was promised that it was going to support dual boot. It didn’t get dual boot and I got tired of a really slow windows usage so I ended up storing it in my drawer until today.

I would like to know if it is possible to JUST INSTALL ANDROID, or a windows version that is fast and can use a web explorer without lagging…

Its probably the first model that came out…

Chuwi Hi10 Model CWI515
Serial Number: Q64G42151105264


Chuwi was manufacturing a series of models of its tablets that shared Android and Windows systems. This possibility disappeared the moment Intel stopped developing Android drivers for its processors and stalled the Android systems of dual tablets on Android 5.1.
From that moment, Chuwi had to opt for tablets of one or the other system (Android or Windows), but not dual.
If your tablet is only Windows, it can be updated to the most recent version of Windows 10, but its speed will always be limited to the characteristics of the processor, ram and processing speed and the storage unit.