Changing Wireless Card

I’ve seen that the Chuwi Aerobook has the Intel AC3160 that goes to a theoretical maximum of 433Mbps, which I can only achieve 240 Mbps.
Since I have several computers on my local network and a internet speed of 600 Mbps I thought about changing the wireless card, but I find no information about if that is possible or not, I can not see photos of the inside of the laptop showing where the card is located or if it’s possible to change it.

I case you are wondering, there is this really fancy and new Intel card, called Intel AX200, not only has WiFi 6 (ax) that can go over 2 Gbps but also Bluetooth 5 for a price of 15USD!! (You can check Aliexpress, look for Intel AX200).

I think that could be a great improvement for the ones that want to have an extra push in wireless connectivity.

Any ideas?