Chuwi Aerobook charger replacement

The cable of the original charger of my Aerobook started peeling down, so I am considering buying a new one. I would like to buy a universal charger that might work with other laptops as well as with Aerobook.

The output of the Aerobook’s charger is 12V/2A, and I don’t know the dimensions of the DC barrel. So I am not sure which one to buy and I couldn’t find the tech specifications.

Would this charger work?


The format must be that but the voltage is not correct since the voltages it provides are between 15 and 20V. when the AeroBook needs 12. You should look for another one of the same format but with the right voltage

Thank you for your answer. Do you now the barrel dimensions? Could them be 1,35x3,5 mm? Would this charger work?

We have a case similar to the previous one, we already have the necessary voltage, 12V, but the power does not since it only gives 0.25 A when we need 2A.

Perfecto! I will buy this one then. Muchas gracias :wink: