CHUWI AeroBook Pro 15.6 pre-heating,amazing 15.6-inch 4K screen laptop

Sounds good, judging by the specs. Unfortunately, not affordable atm, despite the reasonable pricing.

Sexy laptop for sure!

a great laptop

wow id love this!!!

this is an amazing laptop♥

Thank you for offering chances to make Areobook pro better: There are three suggests before the crowdfunding:

  1. The i5-6287U is Intel 6th gen CPU & the Iris 550 is not supprted DirectX 12; also the TDP of this CPU is up to 28W; Would we please have more modern CPU opinion likely Ryzen 3000/4000 or Intel 8th or even 10th gen CPU?

  2. The 4K & 10bits monitor is fantastic but the maxinum brightness(340nits) is relative below than other laptop with high resolution monitor like Dell XPS 15 7590(550nits) & Macbook pro after 2018 (500nits); The lower maxinum brightness causes Areobook pro is poorly readable at outdoor enviroment; Would we please have higher monitor brightness opinion?

  3. The 10bits color depth is also fantastic but there are two problems of this 10bits support: the appliceations likely photoshop CC support 10bits color depth only in in specific videocard; And the Windows 10 WCG (10bits supports) is supported after intel 7th gen CPU; the current i5-6287U would not be enable with Windows 10 WCG support; the possible solution of 10bits support could be change the CPU or eGPU support.

Finally in my personal opinion, the lower maxinum brightness is most critical one; I hope we can have a brighter Areobook pro. Thank you


I am seriously thinking of buying this laptop. It looks great!

I highly appreciate your suggestion that I also share, but the question is: would all those improvements fit in a $ 500 laptop?
If the price increased significantly, close to the price of the Dell product, would you buy the Chuwi?

There are no further questions, Your Honor

This laptop is really great, especially for the price Chuwi is offering.

Thank you for reply.
For keeping price around 500 USD of Aerobook Pro, here is my personal suggestion for Chuwi:

Use a brighter, 1080P monitor with precise color quality instead of current 4K 10bit monitor.

I am sorry to say that current CPU & display combination will not achieve 10bits color depth in Window10 WCG(*) & professional software likely photoshop CC; For the customer who would buy goods in crowdfunding, if they found they can not achieve any 10bits application, they would feel be cheated and it will heavily damage the reputation of Chuwi.

Also, the LCD panel with true 10bits color depths is quite expensive; We can expert the Aerobook Pro’s 10bits LCD panel would be a 8bits panel with the A-FRC (frame rate control) achieve 8+2 bits support, likely Apple dose in Macbook pro; That is not really 10bits color depths(Apple only mention the Apple display has 1 billion color support in 5K); But the same reason in above saying; some people would blame Chuwi after they found the color depths is actually 8bits; though most user would not find this.

But for most user, the precise color quality monitor(like lower Black Level, lower DeltaE2000, higher brightness, & higher Contrast & higher PWM Frequency) will have much better user experience; In fact, what we really want is a beautiful monitor in our view; not a beautiful specification. And the change to 1080P monitor is much cheaper & battery saving opinion, that can help the cost of Aerobook Pro stay in 500USD

Though the change of CPU may help to solving the 10bit color issue but I think it will heavily increases the cost of Aerobook Pro(the old i5-6287U is quite cheap right now). So I suggest change the LCD panel rather than change CPU.

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Good luck to everyone!

How does it work OSx install?

great laptop for the money!

This is exactly what I need thank you so much for the opportunity

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