Chuwi Hi 12 Dual-OS Tablet: Reinstallation of Android 5.1 & Windows 10

After having some troubles with installing the USB Android drivers on my Intel PC I managed finally to reinstall the Android 5.1 opereating system on my HI 12 tablet with Z8350 CPU by using the flashing tool of Intel.
Trying to install the Windows 10 operating system given here in the forum leads unfortunately to a failure during installation. So I tried to install an official image of Windows 10 directly from Microsoft which was finally successful. During installation process using individual installation the setup program showed several drives existing: partion 1 with 100 MB, partition 2 with 10 GB (Android OS) and several other drives up to partition 11.
After installation of Windows 10 (with a big struggle to install all drivers) the Windows explorer shows me a 100 MB drive called “D:”. Can anybody say what’s that drive for? Windows tells me I have to format it in order to use it. I really doesn’t need a 100 MB drive, so I want to delete it.

I don’t know if this helps or not, but I have the Hi12 Dual-OS tablet and have kept it updated with Windows (but I have not had to reinstall it.) It’s currently on Windows 10 (and Android 5.1.)I just checked and I only have a C drive, with a 44.1GB capacity. It’s labeled as “Windows: (C:)”

Thank you for your reply, John. Before reinstalling Android OS I didn’t have any drives either. I think, it has to do with the installation of Android. Do you see in the Windows drive manager just one single drive “C:”, too? My drive manager shows me several drives with some drives smaller than 100MB, one with about 10 GB (Android) and one with about 2.5 GB. I think the last one could be the Windows recovery drive…
Maybe @manonegra222 can give some advice