CHUWI HI10 PRO - it is orginal?

Hi i have a problem where i check SN number becouse i dont known it is orginal tablet:
Hi10 HQ64G42161209455

Yes it is an official product, it is a Chuwi Hi10 Pro dualboot tablet.

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Are you known what firmware(bios,android) is for this version?

Chuwi Hi10 Pro (Z8350CPU) § (H) Download : ( after serial number Q64G42160905000)

1. The serial number of the begin with PQ64 (20161103)

Hi10 Pro § Z8350CPU Android Download: … 28P%29_20161103.rar
Hi10 Pro § Z8350CPU Windows Download:

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have you bios becouse my tablet does not turn on after sleeping.
After connecting the charger also does not turn on.
Long holding the power button or long connection under the charger helps sometimes.