Chuwi vi8 Intel Atom Z3735F need drivers

Model: Chuwi vi8 CW1512
Serial nomber: Q32G22150903435
OS: Windows 10 LTCS 2016 (Windows 8 + Android was installed by default)
I bought it a few years ago on Ali Express

Problem: I need a set of drivers. First of all, you need a driver for the touch screen and accelerometer, but ideally, you would like to get a full set of drivers.
What I found on the Internet was created for other revisions and does not fit my tablet.

These are the files:

.My Files

Thanks, but how should I use this? Why did you give me the image from the C disk? I asked for a DRIVER =)
I DO NOT NEED the Windows version from CНUWI, I ONLY need DRIVERS =))

Because drivers are together with the system, when installing, not separate. I am sorry