Hi, I have a chuwi hi10 pro with serial number HQ64G42180100395, and I need windows with drivers including touch screen. Please help me.

5, The serial number for HQ64G421711 Download:
Chuwi Hi10 Pro All drivers:
https://chuwiinnovationtechnolog … t3gm34oj864zp6a4s0j


Hi10 Pro Windows(2017.11):

Thank you, very much. Would you have the BIOS for this serial?

The BIOS should not be changed if it is not corrupted. I do not have access to the BIOS files. I quote @Managenent to put the link

Hello I tried to r several times reinstall windows through the file you sent me in the post, but every time the error appears below. Please help me.

You should install android before you install Windows.!AqpKvT8-VB_8-RPdDsgftGS4Ix56

What’s the link of ROM for my decide?

I was able to install Android and Windows later, either Windows is working perfectly, for example or Android does not work on the touch screen and the following message appears before calling.

The Android ROM you should use is this: Hi10 Pro Android (2017.11):

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Hello my friend, i need those drivers, it looks the server is down, can you refresh it or past to me other way ? my chuwi hi 10 pro with serial HQ64G421711 wi fi is not working on new installed windows 10. Thank you

Hola manonegra222, MUCHAS GRACIAS, ya instale todo, lo unico que noto es que no me muestra la cantidad de bateria, tengo windows 10 version 21H1, sabes algo al respecto ? o tendras este driver , no se si este dentro de la carpeta de drivers que me pasaste y me lo salte, segun yo no. Gracias de antemano

Hello Manonegra222

Thank you i reactivate completly all drivers for windows 10 for my chuwi model # HQ64G42171104601.

Now i need your help again please. Currently the tablet has only Windows 10 (i erase by accident the android partition) So, what i want to do is just left android for this tablet. I check for the steps for flash android but when i connect my tablet to my PC in DNX boot state, The Phone flash tool program doesn´t recognize my tablet.

It is supposed i need first to run some files into the tablet first with a USB, i think that those files i already have it and put inside on the USB and try to run from it but nothing happens and just run the dual boot screen (windows or android).

So i don´t know what else to do. Hope you can help me, thank you.

Before you do anything, my advice is that you do not remove Windows from the tablet since this system is fully updated and this does not happen with Android since you can only install Android 5.1, which is a totally obsolete system in which many no longer work. apps from the play store. If despite what I tell you, you want to install Android, so that the tablet is recognized by the computer, it must have the Android drivers for Windows installed

Ok, that sounds good,

so, if i understand well, what you are telling me is that there´s no way to install a later android version on this tablet ? like android 10 or something ?

If that is the case, i will take your advice then and left only my windows 10 on the tablet, and ask you then just to help me how can i erase the dual boot screen at the begining in order to directly load windows 10.

appreciate your help a lot.