Drivers needed for Rebranded Chuwi HI10 ProGemini TC10 Model TC10V1002

Since reinstalling windows 10 nothing works. Touchscreen, WiFi, Bluetooth, audio anc battery indicator etc. I have downloaded and installed many available here for the Chuwi HI10 Pro to no avail!

Can someone please help me?

Kind regards

Send me the serial number, i will try to give you the links

Hi Maria

That would be amazing and I would be extremely grateful!

Would you happen to have the graphics driver too, as I can’t dim the screen?

Thank you

Here is the serial number. I have assumed they are all zero’s, but they may be naughts! (I will attach a photo, but the paint is scratched)

SN TC101217A000778

Model TC10V1002

Would you mind to send me a bigger picture of everything that is written ,I mean that it appears everything written in the bacck

I was in doubt if this was our product, that i why i asked the picture. I consulted and this is not a model from Chuwi. At least that we know. Maybe thats why drivers did not work.


It is a Chuwi HI10 Pro that has been rebranded by Gemini.

There are other Gemini products in your forums.

I did find drivers on you site that worked for it years ago!

Thanks for looking.

Here is a reference to my tablet on your Chuwi Forums

I managed to get the drivers from a YouTube channel China Gadgets. They sent me a link to Double Driver and all the drivers for Chuwi HI10 Pro they had worked! Apart from the camera!

Thank you for posting it. Im going to ask again about the Gemini rebrand. I am sorry.

That’s ok!

Apparently Gemini did a lot of Chuwi Tablet and Laptops.

i asked again this time to Tech and they told me they never heard of it, so i am surprised :wink: