Fastboot oem unlock

Здравствуйте напишите пожалуйста как официально разблокировать fastboot ?

@Nikita-Lexx What is your device?

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Need to unlock HiPad Pro Qualcomm

fastboot oem unlock do not work - unknown command
fastboot flashing unlock do not work - unknown command

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You have to turn on the tablet by pressing the power button and quickly the volume down button. A menu should appear, probably in Chinese, with the options to reset the tablet. You must be very careful because one of the options erases the content of the SSD. Below is the image of the screen and the translations of each of the lines

Starting with the top line going down:
Factory Mode
Auto Test
Manual Test
Single Test
Test Report
Debug test item
Erase eMMC
Version Info
Reboot Device