Flash instruction for Chuwi Hipad Plus update to Android 11

Hello Hipad_Plus,

Frankly I am not sure whether some Windows version is better than other for flashing. I failed on Windows 10 but it might be because I installed the drivers from “Android burning tool 6.0.51.rar”. But the issue did not stop even after I removed them :frowning:

About SP Flash Tool I stood on version 5.x because it seems version 6.x is not accepting scatter files but XML fils if you look at the screenshot: Download SP Flash Tool v6.2136 - Mediatek Flash Tool

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hi guys, i tried to update but now way ! installing the driver was impossible. i tried the signed one found here : Download Mediatek (MTK) VCOM, CDC, USB & Smartwatch Drivers but it doesnt help. sp flash tool once saw the tablet but stopped at the end. now it does not see the tablet any more. any help ?

As wrote [hebeda], you have to temporarily disable the driver signature check in order to install the drivers. Look at this tutorial and try option 2 (“Use an Advanced Boot Option”) :

Also maybe you should uninstall the signed driver first before installing the drivers provided by Chuwi. This way you can avoid a potential driver conflict.
I hope it helps! :crossed_fingers:

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any new easy ways to update to android 11

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Dear Management thank you so much for your very very very good and detailed description of the firmware upgrade process steps!

Two suggestions:

I used the version of the tool: SP_Flash_Tool_v5.2148_Win

I re-named the folder of the firmware (deleting the chinese texts and reducing the lenght of the text). In this way it accepted the file “MT6771_Android_scatter.txt”



Finally i update mi Hipad Plus.
Thank´s to @hebeda and @bk8 for the tips!
For those who have driver problems, i suggest install this drivers ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TPbW-v9-yOrzH15OaHmsPQad420mULeF/view ). I install those and my problems are solved!!!
Sorry my english.