Flash instruction for Chuwi Hipad Plus update to Android 11

Remind Tips:

Your tablet will be upgraded to the latest Android 11 version, and all user data will be cleared during this process. Please operate with caution.

Please back up the data in advance before proceeding to the next step!


Desktop pc with windows 7/10 system

USB-C cable

Hipad Plus tablet,keep Hipad Plus Power Off


1,Download and install Driver : MTK + Android + Driver + All - in - One. rar

Link address:

2,Download and install SP_Flash_Tool: SP_Flash_Tool_exe_Windows_v5.2012.00.000.zip

Link address:

3, Choose the Android 11 version among the G lobal version , the European version, and the Russian version , and download the correct firmware package.

Global 2021.03 Version ——Hipad Plus Android11 Update Rom.

download address:

European Version ——Hipad Plus Android 11 Update Rom

download address:

Russia Version ——Hipad Plus Android11 Update Rom

download address:



NOTICE: 32-bit system using 32-bit installer,and 64-bit system using 64-bit installer.

Install drivers instruction (Win 7 32bit)



Ready to install the program,click “Install”,


Click “Always install this driver software” when the window popping-up. it may pop up repeatedly because it has several drivers.

installShield wizard completed:


The driver on Win7 already installed.


1.Open the flash_ tool to flash


2. Load file

1.Find the Download-Agent bar, Choose the first item that loads the “MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin” file inside the toolkit.

MTK_AllInOne_DA .bin


2.Find the Scatter-loading File bar, Choose the second item “MT6771_Android_scatter.txt” loads the document text in the firmware package.



c.Upgrade mode change to Fir mware Upgradeclick Do wnload.

Ⅲ. Finally,Connect Hipad Plus to the Desktop PC with a USB-C cable. The tablet is connected to the computer in the off state and flashes automatically. Wait a few minutes!

After the flash is successful, it tips OK, the tablet will boot automatically, Now your Hipad Plus comes to Android 11.


The update from Android 10 to Android 11 went OK for me. It seems more responsive, but I could be wrong.
Unfortunatelly after update some of the keys on the physical keyboard make problems, when pressed display 2 characters:
press 2 → 12 is displayed
press w → ew is displayed
press s → as is displayed
press x → zx as is displayed
If I press the OSD keyboard, characters are displayed correctly.
I did not notice this problem with Android 10(I could be wrong), and I simply cannot beleive that a brand new physical keyboard was shipped like this or it stopped working in less than 2 hours of use.
I have the tablet for less than 2 weeks, and used it mainly without keyboard.

I have bought the chuwi hipad plis from amazon, and it came with android 10. Is gling to be an update via ota with android 11 for my new tablet ??? Do i need to do manually ??? If i do by myself… do i loose my warranty ??? Can anybody anwer me, please ??

nothing appears on the liks of european, global version of android 11- please, solve or launch an ota update. I have my tablet only 4 days, i´m thinkig about to return to amazon cause chuwi service is bad experience.

O link Versão global 2021.03 ——Hipad Plus Android11 ​​Update Rom não funciona.

Global 2021.03 Version ——Hipad Plus Android11 Update Rom It doesn’t work.

The download links for Android 11 don’t work at all.
the following message appears:
“The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.”

Can someone share the Android 11 rom? Links are down

Still waiting for news feom chuwi. Thinking about to return to seller the tablet.

If u have the files, could u upload to cloud ?? Chuwi dont do correctly…dont work the links

Hi, same issue here.

@Management, Please share rom files again.

error at boot :


Hi, i’m looking for the Android 11 update link; could Management re-share the ROM file ?
When i bought the device it was advertised on the website with Android 11, but i received it with Android 10. I would like to perform the upgrade.

Thank you,
Massimiliano ITALY

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Los archivos no están correctos. Es necesario poner nuevamente los enlaces para poder actualizar a Android 11. Gracias

After that I contacted the Chuwi service ( service@chuwi.com ) they sent me the link to obtain the European Android 11 version of firmware for Hipad Plus Android 11 Update Rom (zip. file of about 1.2 GB)

Link to European Android 11 firmware Hipad Plus

Very good support! Thank you

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Thanks for your kindly sharing.

However, the front camera can not be called, no matter by the camera or other APPs.

I wonder if your pad have the same problem or not?

Also, there is no toggle button to switch the back and front cameras.

Please I need help.

I need the Android 11 ROM, can you reupload it? If i use the rom other user share on this thread, scatter give me error at the time to put it on

Also, MTK drivers are not working, when i try to install them give me error. I dont know if my version is global or european

It’s strange. I have not found this problem.

i finally installed successfully the EU Version Rom …

here are some remarks how to install the ROM before you going insane :slight_smile:

  • after you unpacked the zip and rar files, shorten the folder names, the driver software and the flashtool cannot proccess the long filenames with the chinese characters.

  • installation of the MTK driver fails ? search google for “how to deactivate driver signature enforcement”
    once the driver signature check is disabled, you can install the drivers - otherwise it wont work !

  • everything is in place but nothing happens ?
    check your USB cable ! its strongly recommended to use the original cable which came with the tablet - many aftermarket cables are not fully capable of datatransfer - it took me just 2 hours to realize that :slight_smile:

the android 11 update makes the Tablet much more responsive - i had a very early version of this tablet , even received one OTA update before , but it was always a bit laggy, now very much useable and much snappier and faster responses …
also google security updates working now … just got the latest android 11 security update from google.

the upgrade is really worth it!

good luck everyone

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Hello I confirm the link to European firmware given by “Hipad_Plus” was also officially given to me by Chuwi customer service (store@chuwi.com).
SHA256 checksum for the firmware update to Android 11 (“大货正常屏幕MT8183_O112H1LR_OTA_4096M_GMS_20210525-2307_2102015_03.rar”): 6D5AEC2EE3D68488EF59D08BC3114F2090C75516D4B730FA4A50CD69A2605043

I had no luck with the flashing tool given by Chuwi on my Win10 desktop, probably due to a driver problem that caused my HipadPlus to disconnect right after the red bar is completed, just before the flashing process.
So I flashed my Hipad Plus with my Linux laptop using the latest 5.x version of SPFlashTool (5.2136 at this date). You can get it here: Download SP Flash Tool v5.2136 for Linux - Mediatek Flash Tool
I just selected the “MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin” from inside the folder of sp-flash-tool-v5-2136 and the “MT6771_Android_scatter.txt” from within the firmware folder. TADA! Rom flashed in 2 minutes.
After flashing the tablet was fully functional and I received a fairly recent Android security update (Oct, 5th 2021).

NB: Tutorial is not really clear on this point but in the last step you have to connect the USB cable AFTER you click the “Download” button in SPFlashTool. AND the tablet MUST be switched off when you connect it.


Thank you [bk8] and [hebeda] for your help and contribution for owners of the Hipad Plus.

A question. Which Windows version do you suggest that effectively work on a PC?

I don’t understand the difference between the new 6.2136 and the 5.2136 versions. Why both new but a different versioning?

Thank you!