HeroBox: problems using HDMI to DisplayPort convertor


I am trying to using active HDMI to Displayport convertors to connect the HeroBox to a Displayport monitor but I am severe problems. I get a video signal at 2160p/60Hz correctly and Win10 displays correctly but …

  1. I lose all bluetooth connectivity
  2. Windows slows down
  3. Task manager is no help in locating the problem process because it stops updating and refuses to shutdown
  4. After a short while I get a BSOD “Driver State Power Failure”

If I connect the HeroBox directly via HDMI to the same monitor it works perfectly!?!

I have tried two different convertors (one from Foinixx and the other from Benfei). Both give identical results.

Any ideas?

PS: the reason I am trying to the use the Displayport input on the monitor for the HeroBox is because I am planning to get a KVM switch for the monitor.