Hi 10 model CWI515 - Q64G42170901859

Hi 10 dual boot


I have to reinstall chuwi hi10 dual OS tablet with z8300, serial number is Q64G42170901859 and i need Bios, Android and Windows 10

Thank you in advance

If your tablet was a single boot, you cannot do it dualboot

You must not touch the bios.

2, The serial number for Q64G421710XXX orQ64G421709xxxxxDownload:

Android (Z8350):
Dualboot Chuwi Hi10 Android for 1710 Download:

Windows (Z8350):
Dualboot Chuwi Hi10 Windows for 1710 Download:



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Thanks you for answer. My table is a dual boot. I already tried to use the link you posted but Windows doesn’t run, after installation i still see a blank screen. The chip set should be Z8300 and not Z8350 so i think there should be another version for my tablet.

There is no other Windows published for versions with Z8300 processor. We will have to wait for @Management to return to the forum to publish an effective link for your tablet