Hi10 Pro - CWI529 - Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8350 - serial# before HI10 PQ64G42160905000 (including this serial number)

Dear all,

as it is too difficult to find the proper files, I created this topic.
Please help to improve with more details.
As I am a new user I cannot include more than 2 links, so please, check following posts.

Serial# - before HI10 PQ64G42160905000 (including this serial number)

Processor - Intel Cherry Trail X5-Z8350

Chuwi Official hot site


  • singleboot - [pending]
  • dualboot - [pending]


Windows Install & Drivers(C109S)

[reserved for further use]

can you please help us with the pending files?
I missed most of the files due corruption on my ext hard drive, so I will not updload them.
If I got them back from Mega.nz I upload on mediafire and share the link here, but Mega is currently down. please any contribution will be very useful.
As time passes I will update the primary post with latest files.
Thanks all.