HiPad XPro Android 13 update?


I bought this tablet during 2023 and it came with android 12, i noticed that you now sell it with android 13 installed, any chance of getting the rom for android 13?

SN: ZHipXpEY00230310031

I will ask on Sunday when we get back to office.

The one you bought only has Android 12.

Ok, so is this a typo then? says it comes with android 13 now, what would stop me from installing the new rom if provided with it?

Because the new models come with Android 13. We create new batch of series in every mass production and sometimes improve some things. Each of them have a specific OS, drivers, bios, thats why we always ask for the serial number. I can send you Android 13, but you install under your own risk…

Im fine with the risk so please send.


For anyone who is interested in updating using this pac-file.
Installation and boot works, one issue i noticed is that screen rotation is off when you put the tablet in horizontal mode it will go in to vertical mode and vice versa.

Also it won´t display correct serial number under settings.

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Btw, where do you get the drivers that are in the .pdf file? I don’t see them in the .zip provided.

@Lockyto the drivers that appear are from another tablet, but the instructions are basically the same.

I installed the firmware on my Chuwi HiPad Xpro and can confirm that the wifi issue is fixed. it is android 13 .Everything is working fine but there is a problem with screen autorotation. When turned to landscape it shows to portrait and viceversa… Accelerometre sensor needs calibration it shows incorect values. Rotation sensor does not work. Do you have a fix for that, or maybe a way to calibrate the sensors.?.