HiPen h2 and Windows Ink support

Hello, I’ve recently bought a Chuwi Hi10 Air tablet with the HiPen h2 “active” stylus and I’ve encountered this issue with the Windows Ink functionality. Windows doesn’t seem to recognize this pen as an active stylus and that is a big problem for me because I bought this tablet to write and score music in the Staffpad software which doesn’t support writing without an active stylus.

I would like to know if theres any driver or workaround so I can get to use this tablet for what it was originally intended. Don’t get me wrong, the stylus pen works but just as my finger does, so it does not provide any windows functionality which is a shame.


Try to install pen driver

Thanks for the help, I did install those drivers but didnt seem to change anything.

Now Im having some doubts, is this pen supposed to be picked up by Windows ink or is it just a capacitive stylus with some conductivity?

@manonegra222 or @Management can you help us?

Im really hoping for a solution here otherwise Ill be really dissapointed. This pen seems to be like those ‘active capacitive’ ones. If this is the case chuwi should at least mention the truth about what they are selling to their customers.

Try replacing the stylus battery, or if that doesn’t work, try a different stylus.

The hipen h2 does not require a battery, its rechargeable. Ive been searching online and I havent found anyone clamining this pen as an active one. Would you please consider answering that for me? Is this pen supposed to be active? Have this pen ever worked as active in the past? If I wouldve bought a hi10x would the hipen h3 work with Windows ink? Is the hipen h3 active?

This way I can understand if this tablet Is capable of what I wanted it for in the first place. Thanks

Can you provide a video?I suspect there’s something wrong with the stylus.

Ok, here it Is. I would still like to know about those questions I made. Thanks and sorry for insisting.


Btw sorry for the bad quality video :frowning:

Hi, santiamontali, in response to your direct message, I’m sorry but I don’t have any HiPen, so I can’t help you about this issue… :frowning:

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This should be because the Staffpad software only supports the pressure sensitive stylus.

Yeah, it only supports active stylus that pair with windows ink. The hipen h2 is capacitive