LapBook pro faulty network card?

Hi, i have problem with wifi connection. As you can see the wifi speed is very low on build in wifi card. Using usb wifi dongle speeds are far higher. Drivers are up to date. I opened the bottom cover and check the two cables which going from network card into screen body and it looks ok. Does anybody had similar problem? I had send email to Banggood and may need to replace it…

Since you have opened, have you checked if the antenna cable is well extended and does not touch the chassis?
It usually goes out from the network card and goes inside the hinge of the laptop

Yes i had checked it and everything looks ok.

I think i found the problem. Without the bottom plate speeds are looking good. Full aluminium body must be causing the problem.

Ciao posso chiederti come hai risolto?

Im using USB wifi dongle. Seems that full aluminium body making the network problem

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