Larkbook drivers


I’m looking for the drivers section of the larkbook for windows 10 because I tested my external screen which was not on the good resolution and I suspect the drivers not to be installed.
Any ideas ?

Thank you

This is all the drivers of larkbook.
I hope it can help you

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Thank you a lot !
There are a lot of files though I don’t know which on to use …
Could you please share the good one ?
And also a procedure to install the driver please ?

Thank you !

Please tell me the exact model and serial number of the computer, and I will send you the whole system software to reinstall the whole system. How do you feel?
thank you

Yes sure it’s a larkbQ256G21091508.

The following is a tutorial on system files and reinstallation.
Thank you for your letter and wish you a happy life.

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