Last BIOS version for Chuwi Aerobook

Hi, good morning

My chuwi Aerobook have the BIOS v 3.0.2 and I want to update the bios to the 3.0.6 (is the last version?) can someone provide me the update files? Thank you, I already sent a mail to service@chuwidotcom but no answer, my SN is Q128G19010792

Well,you can receive the reply within 24h,but if not ,then tell me at here.

Thank you, i sent the mail on Tuesday so if you can send me the files please? :slight_smile:

Sorry,I can’t。Please send me your email.

Thank you, this is my mail: elpirata15hd@gmailcom

OK,I’m following up for you. They said they didn’t get your email. Maybe you should send it again.

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Ok, thanks I already sent the mail

Hi @Management, good morning, I still without receive the mail, thanks

They still haven’t received it, may I ask why you need the latest BIOS?In general, we do not recommend that customers update the BIOS.

Is not possible @Management I sent it, check my screenshot please. I need it because my friend have that BIOS version and we are working in a project and I need the same options please, thank you

But my mail is, in the search bar you have two characters before my mail and is missing the “dot” before com, maybe must works like in your screenshot but just i notice that, can you re-check please? thank you for your time

In fact, this is the Chinese punctuation used to introduce the following.They don’t have those two points when they’re searching.

Ok, so what can I do now @Management, please? I don’t know how proceed now :confused:

In fact, it’s easy to turn a device into a brick when the user updates the BIOS himself.My advice is not to update it if it doesn’t affect usage.

Thanks, I understand your advice but I’m experimented user, I already updated other BIOS pcs without any problem, so I think that will be ok with my Chuwi Aerobook laptop

Try sending an email from a different email address.

Done @Management , I sent you a mail from a account, same summary and text

Hi @Management, they received this new mail?