Last BIOS version for Chuwi Aerobook

Thanks, I understand your advice but I’m experimented user, I already updated other BIOS pcs without any problem, so I think that will be ok with my Chuwi Aerobook laptop

Try sending an email from a different email address.

Done @Management , I sent you a mail from a account, same summary and text

Hi @Management, they received this new mail?

They said they got back to you. Check it out.

Hi @Management, yes, they sent me, but the problem is that is not working, I did the the correct steps from the post of @manonegra222 “How update Bios for Chuwi Aerobook” but I still in the BIOS v 3.0.2 because is not flashing, maybe something is missing in the files, I don’t now, but together we can find a solution to update, lets see

I attach you a screenshot of the powershell screen that appears once i start from the usb key

And what files are in the .rar file

Thank you!!

Maybe you should continue to communicate with them.

Yes, I did it yesterday, waiting for there answer, thank you

Hi @Management, they told me to rename the .bin to BIN.bin but now Im having the next problem, is like something is missing in the update files

I changed the file with the arrow to Bin.bin like they told me

Now I have this advise

The format of the pendrive must be Fat32 and be renamed to Winpe

Hi @manonegra222, yes, my usb key already is fat32 and with the name Winpe, I followed your tutorial, but still without work

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Try another pendrive

I attach you an screenshot with all the info of one of the usb keys, I followed your advice and try with a second one but same result, not working

And the files and folders are unzipped?

Yes, the files in the screenshot are already in the usb key

Everything is correct, all that remains is to turn on the USB stick and press F7 (Fn and F7) intermittently until the boot selection window appears and choose the USB stick in it.

Yes, is what I’m doing, but the installation doesn’t start, just i see the powershell screen and after the blue one of my other comments, but nothing, all this takes just few second and nothing change, I still in the Bios v 3.0.2

I think the files are not correct, please try the download again or request them again.
I just realized that you are or speak Spanish, and both writing in English …

yes @manonegra222, I already ask again the files and i told them to check the files, and yes, I’m writing in english the mails and I’m Spanish :slight_smile:

Hi @Management I wrote to them ( ) two emails, one the day 8 April and the other 10 April and still without answer about the problem with the files to update the bios, can you contact them or something? Thank you very much! :slight_smile: