Nova Launcher SurPad

I can’t register Nova Launcher as the default start app.

Every time I want to return to the start screen, I am always asked which start app I want to use as the default.

what could be the reason.

I have never had a similar problem with any Android device.

Most likely you need to change the default application in the application settings.
Most often these settings are located in settings-> apps->three dots in the upper right corner-> home screen.

I’ve tried everything. I chose it in the settings for the start app, whereupon the settings menu crashed.
I chose it in the accessible setting.
I have manually given the Nova app all the authorization it needs. it doesn’t accept it.

I had already had Nova Launcher as the start app on Archos, Lenovo, Huawei, Nokia and Sony devices, nothing was a problem.
only here with the SurPad it doesn’t work.
what does something on the OS have to be different.

Most likely you need to reflash the system (restoring settings may not help), try asking for firmware files.

Duden I switched the device on and wanted to install the Nova Launcher first. and it didn’t work.

I’m having the same problem and the nova launcher customer support manager says that it has to be because the oem (chuwi) has for some reason is blocking nova from being set as the default home page launcher can someone please help. this is my second chuwi product because i spilled coffee on my hipad x and amazon was nice enough to refund my money so i bought the surpad on the second go round and I did not have the same problem on the hipad x.

Same here only on Surpad.
The default launcher Quickstep - is a backward step as doesn’t allow as much flexibility as Nova.
I prefer to have main apps [I use] along the bottom, no google bar, not a bloody great clock across faces of grandkids [my wallpaper]
Any hints would be appreciated

Same to me. Chuwi surpad nö alternative launcher possible! Please Update!