Possible to change function key behavior?

I use the F keys way more often than backlight and media keys. I have Linux installed on my Aerobook and wasn’t able to do ALT+F2. My computer just happened to be in a state where the mouse wasn’t responding and I needed try something go fix it. I ended up having to reboot and losing work. Is it possible to change the function key behavior so that the function keys are the default and the other behavior such as volume requires the fn key?

There is a version of Bios that has the default function keys. Write to aftersale@chuwi.com please

I an having the same problem now. I cannot access the FN keys to adjust my volume or brightness and backlit keyboard. I just want to ask if there is a way to access the backlit keyboard aside from its Fn allocated key? It is important to me as I work mostly at night and need it from time to time.